About Us

If seeing the real Route 66 is important to you then look no further than Gilligans – our 26 day tour offers you the best opportunity to explore the heartland USA, at your own pace.

If a genuine Route 66 tour is what you’re after, then we have it. With Gilligans you can be sure to see the best of Route 66. Route 66 is not just about the iconic images, towns and buildings – it’s about the people, and the history. Other companies promote a 20 plus day tour, but some spend only half of that time actually driving from Chicago to LA (Route 66)

Since established a designated highway in November of 1926, Route 66 underwent multiple realignments over it’s lifetime and with Gilligans you can be sure to drive the best of them. Route 66 was officially removed from the United States Highway System on June 27, 1985 and this means there is now often little or no signage to find your way. The original highway now utilizes unmarked town streets, county roads or seldom travelled stretches of dirt road. All of which we drive, while some others do not.

We provide you with a ‘fully-guided’ tour of the Mother Road using both USA and New Zealand guides. These guides are on the road with you all day – every day. We provide daily briefings, a travel folder with towns visited and GPS instructions for the day, along with a comprehensive list of suggested stops.

By utilising our ‘turn by turn’ GPS system (exclusive to Gilligans) it means you don’t have to travel in convoy. Our experience has found that whilst some guests might enjoy photo opportunities and history for example, others have enjoyed automotive museums, car yards or antique shops. You can stop and take your time at attractions that are of interest to you and spend less time at those that don’t appeal as much. Your GPS system takes you easily from hotel to hotel each day and in between times our guides are constantly meeting up to ensure you are comfortable in your travels, and to show you a few unique stops along the way.

With Gilligans, it’s an adventure. We offer a quality tour, quality guides, along the freedom to explore Route 66 for yourself.